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Kick your feet up and relax!

Lets answer some of those questions that are swirling around in your head.

1) Should I wash my hair before it is styled?

We like to follow the 24 hour wash rule. If you wash your hair everyday, please wash it the night before the special day and sleep on it. Please ensure hair is dry on the morning of hair styling. 

2) How long does my hair need to be for an updo?

Generally, hair should be about shoulder length for an updo. But don't let that scare you; we can still do several fun styles with shorter hair!

3) How long does it take for each style?

We schedule 45 minute time slots when we make an outline for your special day. We intentionally plan some buffer time to account for any special surprises!  

4) Do you work with extensions?

We are glad to say YES to this question! For an additional fee, we will place and style clip in extensions to give you the full volumptuous look you're looking for! 

5) How far to do you travel for special events?

We don't like to say no to our brides, so we eliminated a travel limit! We will travel to you no matter where you are!

6) Why should I have someone come on-site?

This is one of our favorite questions! There are SO many advantages to having professionals come on-site. 

1) Everyone is relaxing at the same place at the same time!

2) Say goodbye to a rigid timeline. We bring flexibility in our schedules so you don't have to rush

3) No travel time...this is huge!

4) Just imaging the experience -- one girl is preparing coffee while another is getting her make-up done. Still another in waking up and enjoying some breakfast while another is being pampered in one of our stylist's chairs. You're sipping a mimosa while you complete your vows (this is all too common!). Each of your special girls are in one place relaxing and enjoying a spa-like experience while chilling out in a cozy robe. This is why on-site services are they way to go! 

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