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Beauty is within you.

We bring it out. 


The EhrStyling Experience



Imagine with us for a moment 


Your wedding day has finally arrived. You're nervous and excited, like all the emotions of every birthday you've ever had smashed into ONE. BIG. DAY. Luckily for you, you took the bold step to hire on-site hair styling services. Well done! You wake up in your bridal suite with your bride tribe all around you. Coffee is brewing and breakfast has just been delivered. Just when you frantically start rummaging through your bed to find your phone to check the time, you hear a gentle knock at the door. Your hair stylist has arrived to begin your pampering. This is the moment where you sigh with relief and thank God that you ditched the choas of chasing appointments in a salon and invested in an on-site vendor. Welcome to your peaceful morning of stress-free memory making with your bride tribe! 

Founded January of 2016, we have made it our mission to put a smile on every bride's face that we are honored to interact with. We are proud to collaborate with artists throughout the Twin Cities area who are exceptional at their trade. 

Welcome to the EhrStyling experience -- we are so excited to have you. 

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